Chiang Mai – northern Thailand

After 10 days in Bangkok, I decided to discover more of Thailand.

On Sunday I woke up at 5 am, to check out, eat breakfast and go to bus station. The idiot taxi driver didn’t know where the terminal was, and tried to leave me in the middle of favelas, but before I got my stuff out of taxi I would say to people destination I was going to, and they would explain to driver and  point the finger to the point. He would later ask for more than meter was showing, and I told him that because of his going around and not knowing the terrain I wouldn’t pay anymore than to favelas (which was still 5 BHT more than on the meter). I asked around for bus to Chiang Mai, and took a bus for 660. Aparently, I later found out that it was pretty lucky, since 2 days later it was Kings birthday, and everyone would have a day (or two) off, which means coming back to their hometown. So every other stall I would ask they would say that everything for today is sold out. And it was 7,30 am!

Got some rice with pork on the road, and entered the bus. Sat next to a nice lady, so I could talk some about Thailand. Aparently her english was really good. We compared the prices and it turned out that she paid the same amount as I did, but for her leaving the bus earlier. And I thought that farangs (falangs according to their pronounciation?) get ripped off. In halfway we stopped in restaurant, and were given tickets for a portion of food. Nice from the bus company.

After almost 12 hours of painfully slow ride I arrived in Chiang Mai, the city in the north Thailand, where prices are low even for this country, and the place is famous for the trekking, elephant riding, gibbon adventure and many many more.

On the red minibus I met a girl from China. She imediately guessed that I was travelling around the world. Well, maybe my equipment and I don’t give a damn attitude show off enough.

One of the points of being in Thailand is to join the temple for cut off from the external world and meditate for a month or two. Aparently I found out that Jaee wanted to do the same, and said that tomorrow she would meet with some monks and visit temples, to decide which one to join. She invited me to go with her, and I gladly agreed. Couldn’t be better! Once again Thailand treated me well.

22.10, the next day.

The day was almost unrealistic. I woke up at 5.30 am, having prior arranged the talk to monks about my stay in the temple.

 But aparently it turned out that the crew (a girl I met last day on the shuttle bus from the station), 3 her girlfriends and 5 monks. And a driver. All that in Toyota Hilux. So after collecting everyone we went for the trip. On the road I was instructed that we were going to Chiang Rai, town located 140 kms from Chiang Rai. And since I thought we were going to see some temples in Chiang Mai and most of all talk to monks, I went completely unprepared. Especially no sunglasses  and sunscreen… But somehow I survived. We stopped to eat in some bar in main road. Prices same as in BKK and Chiang Mai – 35 BHT for basic rice and topping.

After few hours of driving on the back of Hiace we reached our first point – the temple with enormous quantities of fish. Nice music in parking lot and general good vibe of the place made us stay a lil bit longer than expected.




After feeding fish we followed to Wat Rong Khun (white temple). To my surprise I was let inside the temple just in shorts and sleeveless t-shirt.

There were many sections, between others center of fine art with amazing collection of paintings. Some of them were presenting  spaceships and cosmo, together with images of budda.  One of my favourite ones was a painting showing a power of a male organ over the world , it was penis ejaculating the planet in hour 0.00 while there are other planets orbiting around. Other shows Osama Bin Laden with George W. Bush together on the rocket. The description was saying “love each other for the world peace”.

I was tired as hell after travelling 12 hours last day and sleeping less than four. And in Toyota Hiace we were packed tightly, so I was sweating as hell when the afternoon came.

There was another object on our way – Bandaam Museum, so called black one. It consisted of many buildings mainly made of wood and concrete.

This one is sort of scary, since many compare white to heaven and black to hell. Motives of snake skins, buffalo rogi, black crocodile skin, and goats in the back give all the associasions with black magic. I didn´t particularly like this one. Came back to to Toyota first just to find out that the dinner time came for mosquitos. There were tons of them, trying to bite every drop of blood I had.

4 hours later we came back to Chiang Mai.

The hostel didn’t have working internet, and I also found out that the girl I was going to travel with later to Laos and Cambodia decided she prefers to go alone. I wasn’t shocked neither pissed off, life goes on and there will be more company to do so. So tomorrow I switch hostel to something better, hopefully with swimming pool.

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