Bankok, getting deeper into the city tourist attractions

Another intensive day. First we went to amazing 5 stories palace called Loha Prasat, until nowadays used by The Royal Family there were sentences from The Budda regarding meditation and general life wisdom.


Then we went to golden mount, which main feature were bells (I rang almost all of them 🙂 .

It was the hour of major heat (12-13), so in the meantime decided to hide in the shadow, drinking the tea (which tasted like something between cocoa and tea) with a lot of ice. Delicious thing. After a break moved to Jim Thompson house. Needless to say it was the time of lunch.. So as always, there was one of a million street stalls selected to eat. And as always, it was pretty good. You hardly ever fail with the street food in thailand.

After the meal, we entered the heritage of american soldier who decided to stay in Thailand after falling in love with culture and people. He was also the big promotor of silk industry in this part of the world. The museum itself was pretty boring, and the Thai girl who was guiding spoke so called english from which I could understand maybe third part. Later I decided to go to the district I passed in taxi before, which seemed like a strip in Las Vegas. Ratchadapisek avenue. On friday night it seemed to be full of casinos, people and general movement. But this time there were only a few people, couple of massage houses and that’s it. A little dissappointed came back by taxi to hostel.

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