Back in Thailand


I<3 UBack and happy in Thailand. After few days with wonderful host – Ting, I came up with plan what to do next. Initially I wanted to spend EOTW party in Phuket, but after speaking to people I decided to skip that location in favor of Ko Phangan, little wonderful island re the best full moon parties are held. I left Bangkok on Tuesday afternoon, got on night train, then in the morning switched to catamaran and after 18 hours of continuous travel I got to the island. But it was not the end of the journey. In spite of having reservation (via phone) in one of the guesthouses, I was told that the room I booked wasn’t available and I had to pay 500 instead of 200 BHT. So I kept riding in the back of the motorbike taxi, and after couple more hours and several places got into another hostel. Bungalow is not the best to say in extremely euphemistically… But for one night should do, and I will rent the bike and keep searching for something nicer. In the meantime I’m writing this post from the place that looks like this:2012-12-19-824

Nothing to complain about 🙂

A little bit ahead of the time I would like to wish everyone who reads my blog very merry christmas and awesome new year! Take care my dears!



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