All the beach for myself! Or, maybe not…

2 days on the road, and some 400 kilometers later, I arrived at Dong Hoi (a small town at the seaside).

Arriving early let me do the proper research. I cruised around almost whole town (which took me less than an hour), and already had an idea where I want to stay.

Started going to those places. Located almost at the beach, far from the road, noise etc…

Sounds like a plan, doesn’t it?

Well, it could, unless you take into consideration the following:

After going into 5th “guesthouse” with couple of motorbikes in front of it, and nobody inside (locked reception included), I started losing my faith. Low season, ok, but no season at all???

My sweet spots were all shut down, except for one, where somebody who spoke minimal english asked


I said


(the other party didn’t understand).

Universal sign language came into action, so I made a pillow of my hands, put my head on, closed my eyes.

Which meant “place to sleep”

Nono – said the other party.

Hunting gone wrong, apparently.

So I used booking, just like an indication, and were led to several places where there were some people, and at least reception was open.

2 out of 3 had to use google translate for simplest things:




Finally chosen the one that looked nice, and was within the budget of 12 USD per night, breakfast included. Hey, they even had instruction translated into not the worst english I ever saw, stating: BUFFET BREAKFAST!

Ahhh, my soul was so happy, that I will finally have my stomach full in the morning!

Next day the reality kicked in, ie. asian english prevailed.

Not only it wasn’t a buffet, but you could choose only:

toast bread with butter (2 slices)

2 eggs and bacon

a hamburger (like a quarter of what you would expect in Europe).

I started negotiating, saying that I will pay extra if they make me 4 eggs instead of 2. Of course translator was necessary for such action. And for virtually everything else.

Later was time to hit the beach. The weather was windy, but at least not rainy.

Laying down on the beach wasn’t too bad, had all the beach for myself…

But then!

With such well behaving individuals I can share the place, unlike with many human beings.

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