2013 – the reassume

In order to get it, you must be ready to completely lose it. This is probably the most important thing I learned and internalized in previous year.


Back in late 2012, when I already had planned the trip around the world, I knew that 2013 was going to be exciting, full of challenges and self development. But in my darest assumptions  couldn’t expect it to be that good.

To start with women. First half of the year I spent travelling 6 countries in Asia, and during that time I had encounters with feminine, quality women, which taught me a lot about themselves, as well as me. That number exceeded 15 alone in first 6 months of 2013. Not bad given that I was busy travelling, documenting it on my blog in written/pictures/videos for first 4 months, and then trying to survive in China.

February was important due to the fact that I was enrolled in 2 weeks intensive muay thai training in Thailand. This experience more or less shaped how second half of the year looked like for me.

In early May I secured a job in China. Without any knowledge of Mandarin/Cantonese, nor any guanxi (connections) in China. In fact, I was good enough that they let me work remotely. I was truly fed up with China and Asia generally, and can confirm what I thought before (since my mission was to find a place where I would like to settle down for longer). There is no other place on the earth for me like South America.

In June I came back to Poland.

I rented apartment in premium location, got enrolled into muay thai trainings (twice a week), got myself a nice small rotation of girls.. And it was summer, the only weather I could enjoy in this country.

The main point was to see if my scheme from previous year (get some proper income in Real Estate during the season) was going to work out. I was in touch with my former manager (with whom I remain on good terms until these days).

I informed all my valuable contacts, and people/clients that I had particularly good flow with that I’m back. Had some diners/lunches and it was awesome to see them again.

Back on the job I realized that unfortunately market proved us to be wrong. In fact, it was a disaster. Budgets went down, amount of clients willing to relocate too, and competition was starving so everyone was ready to lick clients ass just to make a few bucks. I was not going to participate in brown nose game. There were also some personal misunderstanding in the company personal structure, so it was clear to me that the time to say goodbye was coming. And I wasn’t even 2 months on the job.

Soon enough, after accomplishing the deal with one of my clients, I called the quits.

Chinese contact was backing me up, and I had agreement to do my best for them.

Those were two golden months in Poland. I was working 2-3 hours a day, leaving behind satisfied customers and happy management (due to the sales figures), and rest of the days I could dedicate on reading, training muay thai and calisthenics , together with having proper amount of rest and taking my time to cook and eat properly. Life seemed awesome. I would attend thai boxing training at least twice a week, and soon could not imagine having my week without it. Total workout sessions would exceed 4. In spite of complete lack of previous experience, I felt I was catching up pretty quick, both in terms of physical endurance, as well as mentally (before I was scared to hit the opponent, but with time sparrings started to look better). There is still a very long way to go, but I’m on it. Improving every week.

In the meantime I was planning the escaping theme.

After speaking to several people, I found Dubai to be my next destination. Proven salesman, with ability to adapt pretty much everywhere had to make it there. Started digging it and renewing the contact with the ones living there. Preparations have started, and expectations were high.

On the other hand, I had perfect logistics in Poland, the fighting team I would have hard time leaving. And was simply not ready to leave again mentally.

In the early November I started receiving signals that some things were clearly going wrong in Shenzhen subsidiary. There were going to be significant cut offs in the team. There was a total of 3 sales reps (including me) and the Manager. I already knew that Ch (one of the reps) was going to be laid off, since his performance was truly bad (not only he did zero sales during the several months period, but he also had problems with delivering reports on time, which I have hard time understanding. Those were simplified versions, which would take no longer than an hour to complete. ONCE A WEEK).

So few days later Ch was fired (in China there is no such thing as layoff period known from US/Western Europe. If we are not happy with you, you go the same week. No compensation to be paid).

Couple of weeks later another guy resigned. Now me and my Manager were 2 last men standing.

In the meantime I learned that I was the only one who was delivering consistent results. Other two guys didn’t manage to seal any deal. Not surprised where it was heading.

In the end of November I was the last man standing. Manager got fired too.

I started talking to the HQ manager. Long story short, I was offered to come back to China to receive some extended training and join the newly created team.

Last days of November I got a very initial offer from one of my clients who in the meantime turned into a good acquitance.

To be continued.. In the new year!

About reading, I didn’t waste my time too. During 2013 I read following books:

Greek Zorba

Steve Jobs Walter Isaacson

Convict conditioning Paul Wade (about calisthenics)

Pokolenie Ikea Piotr C.

Pokolenie Ikea – kobiety

Treat your poker like a business Dusty Schmidt Leatherass

Crush It! Why NOW Is the Time to Cash In on Your Passion – Gary Vaynerchuk

Mój styl Jazdy Sebastien Loeb

First two made the biggest imprint on my view of the world. Truly brilliant books. First is about mindset and doing business at its finest, while second one is about staying in shape, and having that alpha confidence, also in daily activities. I love how I look now, never been this strong and in such good shape as in the end of 2013. I found both books very complementary.

Movies. Since I watched tons of those, there must have been something that stick into my memory, otherwise I don’t bother posting it.

Lie With Me. Semi erotic/porn movie that was able to turn me on. Very few managed to do so, thats why its on the list.

LeMans. Vintage racing at its finest. For the climate.

Saving Private Ryan. Alpha display of Tom Hanks. Excellent command and control over soldiers, cold blooded behavior when directly facing death. Over the dispute whether to shoot german  machine gun operator who surrendered or let him go, he used one of the aces he had stocked up into (the bet what he was doing for living while in US).

Black Hawk Down Memorable phrase (talking to the soldier who came back wounded from the mission and refused to go again). I know how you feel. Everyone feels the same way as you do. But you are here to make a difference, we all are. If you don’t go, then our whole effort is pointless. (not exact, rather extract). Applicable not only in the warfield, but in general business environment as well.

Ong Bak


IpMan all above very good works on martial arts. Since I recently picked it up, I did have tons of respect for actors

Drive. Ryan Gosling at ultimate alpha male display. Actions speak louder than words. IF you do something, do it right or forget about it.

Glengary Glen Ross. Initially I found Al’s speech to the salesmen harsh and highly inappropriate,  but over time and watching it again started changing my mind. It was a boost. Although I would deliver it a different way, the message would stay the same.

LoveLace. Sequel of deepthroat, which was straight up porn movie  of mediocre quality released in regular cinemas. Deepthroat was awful, while LoveLace had some degree of sophistication. Barely, but made it to this list.

The devils advocate. Movie I should have watched long time ago. Work of art in whole.

Papusza. Off the mainstream movie available in Poland. For the insight into gypsy culture and lifestyle.

These were the memorable ones. Rest was easily forgotten.


And I decided to finish 2013 on the high note. Went to Gran Canarias, where I was more than happy to continue my training.



Because I have no excuses.



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